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“Life itself is a matter of salesmanship”

Thomas J. Watson

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Effective advertisements are easy to make when you develop a list of the reasons people want or need what you are selling. And we can help you actually do it.

Most will buy your products or services because of what it does for them and how it does it. These ten questions will help define the reasons why people buy your products or services:

  • 1. Does it make their life easier?

  • 2. Does it save them time?

  • 3. Will they learn more?

  • 4. Will it provide more fun or entertainment?

  • 5. Does it save or make them money?

  • 6. Will it improve their self-esteem?

  • 7. How does it affect the people or things they love?

  • 8. Will it evoke good memories?

  • 9. Does it solve a problem?

  • 10. Will it make them healthier?

Once you have answered these questions, you’ve identified the reasons why people buy what you are selling. Now, write a sentence explaining each reason and don’t worry about the sentence structure or how well it is written. In fact, you can write a very long sentence if necessary to get all of your thoughts down on paper.

For example, if you sell cameras you might write: “People want my cameras because the pictures they take of their families will evoke fond memories for many years.” After you finish this process, take each sentence and reduce it to its essence: “Cherished memories for a lifetime.” Or maybe, “Children grow up so fast. Remember those special moments with a photograph.”

Now design your advertising around one of these sentences that has the emotional pull to make someone want more of that feeling. That desire will often lead someone to want to know more about what you are selling. Advertising is effective when you answer the question of why someone should buy your product or service.

Would you like to hear our ideas for advertising?

The best way to get started is with a complimentary business consultation, where we will answer your questions, assess your situation and recommend a course of action. We can be reached at (408) 378-9500 or by completing the form at Contact Us.