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“Part of what makes it so satisfying to run a small business is that it incorporates so many facets – planning, sales, people management, risk taking and so much more. Dan Lutchansky understands all those elements, and he explains them in a very organized way.

Mark Byington, President
Cobalt Power Systems Inc.

Small Business Coaching and Workshops


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Why should people buy your products or services? The simple answer is because they want or need what you are selling and they have the money to pay for it. You will find some people who will make it easy for you when you first start your business. Most of the time those people are your friends and family. You may even get lucky and find a few strangers to buy from you. Before long though, you run out of these easy sales straight into a brick wall. You need to learn how to get around or through that barrier. We are here to help.

Following is a list of questions you may have when thinking about how to market and sell your products or services:

   1.  What is the most effective way to market your products or services?
   2.  Do you need a website right away?
   3.  Can you hire others to market for you?
   4.  Should you lower your prices?
   5.  What words do you use in an advertisement or a brochure?
   6.  Where can you meet people and what do you say to them?
   7.  Who are your target customers?
   8.  How do you reach them?
   9.  Are there any low-cost ways to market?
 10.  What is the best way to ask people to buy?

All of these questions plus many, many more are answered in our book, “Getting in Business to Stay.” We also provide services specifically geared to the small business owner as well as resources of information in various forms such as teleseminars, webinars, downloads and CD’s. Learn more by clicking on Marketing Services.