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“So many business owners think selling at any price is the key to success. Dan puts a stop to that thinking by teaching you the sales and business skills so you can command the right price. This book should be required reading for anyone in business.”

Steve Wayne, CEO

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Our Book
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  Getting in Business to Stay book

Our Book


Getting in Business to Stay: The Complete Small Business Solution


One Book @ $35.00



Over 500 pages packed full of practical suggestions on how to think, feel and do the necessary actions that lead to building a sustainable and successful small business.

Readers call the book an encyclopedia for small business. 


Thinking of starting your own business? Our book will help you make the right decision since you will see the complete picture of what it really takes to create your own world in the land of small business.


New to business? Our book is a step-by-step guide to develop the required thought process and skills necessary to build a personally satisfying and financially rewarding business. Avoid the major mistake of thinking that making it in business is easy. It takes hard work and a passion for learning. This is the only way you will stay in business. 


Already in an existing business? Take a fresh look at what you are doing. Professional golfers return to the practice tee to examine their fundamentals if their swings are not producing good results. Do the same to improve your ability to score. Learn to think a better way!

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Getting in Business to Stay book

listen Click to Listen to Chapter 4


Our Book in Audio CD Format


Getting in Business to Stay: The Complete Small Business Solution


One Audio CD Book @ $49.00


Delivered to you in 13 CD’s for your listening and learning pleasure.


Read by the author, Dan Lutchansky. You can feel the energy and enthusiasm as he relates real life stories to techniques and skills essential to small business owners. 


Added Bonus: Included is an attractive Classic Collection CD Wallet.


Total playing time:  approximately 14 hours. 

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spacer Our Book Audio Format

listen Click to Listen to Chapter 4


Our Book in Audio Download Format


Getting in Business to Stay: The Complete Small Business Solution


Audio Download Book @ $39.00
Available for immediate download


Delivered to you in MP3 and available for immediate download.


Why wait for delivery? Get immediate answers to your questions. Time is money so let’s get started.

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spacerGetting in Business to Stay book

Live Webinars - Coming Soon!

Taught by Dan Lutchansky

Dan will teach each webinar live one time only. Be one of the lucky few who get to participate in these one time events.

There will be surprise bonus gifts given to all participants to each webinar.


• Three Different Webinars

• Three Opportunities to Learn

• Three Chances to Meet Dan Lutchansky

Three Golden Nuggets:

1. The Quest for Great Business Ideas

2. Starting a Winning Business from Scratch

3. Taxes and Record Keeping for New Business Owners



Courses will begin in the next 90 days.


Please provide your first name and e-mail address if you would like to be notified when the courses are available.








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Getting in Business to Stay

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We are pleased to offer the availability of paying your fees by credit card. In order to do this, we have joined the PayPal network, one of the leading payment services on the internet today. This service offers you the ability to pay your fee using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express, through PayPal’s secure web-based system.


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