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“In America, there are two tax systems; one for the informed and one for the uninformed. Both systems are legal.”

Judge Learned Hand

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Income taxes are a fact of life. You want to keep your taxes as low as possible and have enough money to pay them when they are due. Nobody wants the added pressure of having the government after you while trying to run a successful business.

As your taxes get more complicated every year so do your tax decisions. We help you take full advantage of the tax laws while advocating a “keep it simple” approach to maintaining your business records. If the IRS comes knocking, not only do we answer the door for you, we make sure your paperwork is organized in the way needed to protect you and your business.

We also help you make other important business decisions that can affect your taxes such as:

  • •  Deciding if your business should be a sole proprietorship, corporation or limited liability    company (LLC).
  • •  Filing your income, sales and business property tax returns on time and electronically    whenever possible.
  • •  How to employ smart tax strategies that are clever, legal and ethical so you keep more of what    you earn.
  • •  Whether to treat your worker as an independent contractor or employee.
  • •  What payroll service makes the most sense when you add employees.
  • •  Knowing what records you need to maintain and for how long.
  • •  Audit representation, retirement planning, and whatever else comes your way.

We are here to provide the kind of professional tax advice and services that help you stay focused on making money.

Let’s get started with a complimentary tax consultation, where we will answer your questions, assess your situation and recommend a course of action. We can be reached at (408) 378-9500 or by completing the form at Contact Us.